Carol’s commitment to broadcasting, performance and education is framed in social justice work.  Her contributions include award winning theatrical projects and published works aimed at ending gender oppression.  Currently, Carol is a professor of the humanities at Germanna Community College, a radio host for the hit music and talk show, Music Alley, WERA 96.7FM in Arlington.  She travels regionally as a teaching artist and lecturer.

Below, please check out two of my contributions, Crone Stones and The Goddess Diaries:

Goddess Diaries

The Diaries combines monologue, myth and dance in a moving and often funny exploration of the modern journey.
Since its inception in the winter of 2010, the Diaries has raised thousands of dollars whose proceeds have gone to help women on college campuses and in domestic violence shelters (Victims of Violence Fund, Courtney's House and The Duffy House - to name a few).

I created the Diaries as an experiment after years working as a women’s advocate in the Washington area. Inspired to produce a show about real women’s lives that in and of itself serves as a fundraising vehicle, I asked women in my community to write down their stories and then I tied them together through a common thread: the agricultural seasons of the year. Borrowed from the ancient Western European calendar of equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter days, each monologue represents a specific time in the growing/harvest season and each season becomes a metaphor for these life events. I also teamed up with my husband (a musician and songwriter) to provide music that is interspersed between each woman's speech: music and dance performances are specifically chosen and choreographed to link the pieces together, creating a rich tapestry of speech, sound and movement as expressions of the female- identifying journey. 

By expressing such a broad cross section of the human experience, The Goddess Diaries becomes a much larger story that has the capacity to speak to us all.
— Michael Poandl, DC Metro Theater Arts

Promo for the first performance of The Goddess Diaries

The simplicity of The Goddess Diaries only adds to its brilliance. The Goddess Diaries doesn’t need an elaborate set or fancy costumes. With captivating stories and phenomenal actors to tell these stories, this play is perfect just the way it is, simply told.
— Leila Hernandez, DC Theatre Scene

Crone Stones

Crone Stones are 33 high-fired porcelain stones engraved with imagery based on goddess myth found around the world. The stones, bag and book make up a set.

Their purpose is to raise awareness of the creativity, brilliance and divine spark within women as found in mythology dating back to prehistoric times. Such sacred stories hold important insights to improve self-esteem, better relationships and rise to challenges that life has to offer. Crone Stones have received wide recognition from The Washington Post, SageWoman Magazine and New Age Retailer.

A powerful tool for individual transformation, this set
will find ready buyers among customers who resonate with
the goddess and who are committed to self-improvement .

New Age Retailer